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Automated Distortion Characterization and Information System

The Automated Distortion Characterization and Information System (ADCS) is an extension of the Matrix equipment control software that automatically makes RF measurements selected from the following: Cross Modulation (XMOD), Composite Triple Beat (CTB), Composite Second Order (CSO), Carrier to Noise (C/N), Discrete Second Order, Discrete Third Order Distortion. Measurements are made, and the test results and a profile describing the test conditions are saved in a database for later retrieval or reporting. A beat tabulation utility is included to calculate the frequencies at which 2nd and 3rd order products will occur.

A set of reports is provided, but the user may modify these or add additional reports. The data can also be transformed into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and automatically analyzed to highlight results not meeting specifications that the user provides. For more information, see Automatic Distortion Characterization and Information System Brochure.

Benefits Include:

• Up to 10 times faster than manually measuring, entering, tabulating, and analyzing distortion data.
• Eliminates keying errors as compared to manual entry of data into a computer.
• Calculates and displays a tally and the frequencies at which the 2nd and 3rd order beats occur.
• Eliminates the drudgery and fatigue of making repeated measurements.
• Frees up personnel by providing unattended operation when performing a series of tests on a group of frequencies.
• User customizable report, spreadsheet, and spectrum analyzer distortion measurement programs.
• Rapid search and retrieval via database queries.
• On-line context sensitive help and hardcopy documentation.

Automatic Spreadsheet Generation!:

This software developed and maintained by Hye Level Software, Inc. may be ordered through Matrix Test Equipment, Inc.