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Automated Test Interface

With the ATI-100 you can turn your existing ASX-16C/D and AFS-12WB units into a full-blown DTS-C (Distortion Test System). Simply plug in your ASX-16C/D, AFS-12WB, Spectrum Analyzer, Oscilloscope, Power Meter, Frequency Counter, etc. to allow the following automatic testing with a single insertion of DUT (device under test):

• Leveling of carriers.
• Automated Cross Modulation, CTB, CSO, C/N
• Discrete 2nd Order, and Discrete 3rd Order distortion measurements.
• FFT Square Law method intermodulation distortion measurements.
• Carrier to Composite Noise
• Carrier to Intermodulation Noise
• Bit Error Rate, and MER with External QAM source.
• Ultra sensitive Hum Modulation Measurements (with HD-500).

Additionally, the software included with the ATI-100 provides:

• Software control of the ASX-16C/D & AFS-12WB.
• Database maintained Test Results.
• Automatic spreadsheet generation and charting.
• Frequency Trim for random dispersion of carriers.
• Improved repeatability and reliability.
• Beat Chart Calculator Utility.


ATI-100 Computer control Software interface (example)

Above software interface allows the control and automated switching of the following:

• Matrix Model ASX-16 generator and noise source(s)
• Digital signal sources (built-in hybrid coupler for combining with analog source)
• Matrix Model AFS-12WB Filter Selector
• Built-in post amplifiers. Allows selection of 1 or 2 amplifiers during testing to maintain proper measurement levels
• Spectrum analyzer(s)
• Built-in Squaring circuit for FFT measurements with Audio Output connector.
• Power meter
• Built-in Matrix HD-500 hum detector.
• Frequency counter
• RF Attenuators

In addition, switching is provided for automatic disconnection and termination of the test equipment to determine corrections for test equipment noise contribution in C/N measurements.

RF Test Point connections are provided for troubleshooting the RF path.