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Multiple Frequency Signal Generator

The ASX-16C/D is a remote-controlled signal generator with
remote frequency trim and base levelling. It has outstanding
noise and distortion characteristics and offers the ability to
obtain full band frequency randomization. Available 240 composite
channel loading with 100 dB down distortion.

The Model ASX-16C/D is the latest version of the ASX-16 model line which was first introduced in the early 1980's. The 'Blue Box" might look the same on the outside, however the modules inside are what set it apart from it's predecessors and competitors. New advancements offer improved amplitude linearity, output power, randomized frequency trim, phase noise and hum. Frequency pullability and multiple station correlation are also now possible with the ASX-16C/D.

The Model ASX-16C/D also provides linear monotonic carrier level control over a 15 dB range in 0.025 dB steps. All operations are controlled remotely, using the GPIB (IEEE-488) interface. An internal frequency counter option is available which allows for rapid checking and setting of the carrier frequencies.

Options Include: NTSC, PAL I, PAL B/G, Cenelec in a single unit.


Frequencies Any frequency from 5 to 1219 MHz
Power Output:(Guaranteed Minimum Ratings) +57 dBmV per channel when combining 32 channels.
+54 dBmV per channel when combining 64 channels.
+50 dBmV per channel when combining 128 channels.
+46 dBmV per channel when combining 160 channels.
+42 dBmV per channel when combining 203 channels.
Remote Controls:Carrier Amplitude Carrier Frequency Each module ON, OFF and adjustable over 15 dB in monotonic 0.025 dB steps. Common attenuator 80 dB in 1 dB steps.
(.5 dB steps are available as option)
Each module adjustable +/- 5 KHz (minimum) in 1- Hz steps.
Spurious Content Cross-modulation, Composite Triple Beat, Discrete Second Order, and Discrete Third Order, Hum, and other spurious signals guaranteed better than 100 dB down.
Output Noise LevelThermal
Carrier Phase Noise -110 dBC/Hz at 10 Khz offset
Frequency Stability Carriers: 0.001%, Modulation: 0.003%
Output Impedance to connector type50 Ohm BNC, N or SMA
75 Ohm (optional) F, BNC, or N
Primary Power 100 ~ 240 Volts, 50/60 Hz